I only JUST joined this community. Why? Cos.....

I <3 ND
I <3 the ROS era.

Yep yep. Im a fan of the RoS era. Damn proud too. It is really great and probably a time when girl, women whatever can all relate to her...

ROS rocks.


Hello all. My name is Dylan, and I loved the Return of Saturn period. I think it was the best musicly... and the pink hair was awsome in all its awsome awsomeness.

Once I get back home, I will have to make some icons to share.

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im vikkie. im a big fan of the ROS era of gwen. (PINK HAIR RULZ!!!) and they were all so cuul. tony...ahhhh<3 <3 <3 <3. tom..excellent. adrain..FRIGGIN AWSOME!

ALSO..im taking the vote for. THE TOP TEN NO DOUBT SONGS EVER!!!

reply to this with your fave song ever from no doubt!!!

vote vote VOTE!!!!

also. im dying my hair gwen stefani pink! ill show pics later.
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I'm new here! Hello!

RoS was my favorite time, because that's when I got into ND, so of corse it will have a special place in my heart.

Hey, you guys have great icons. I'm jealous. :D
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new here

Hey! Im new here. I love ND, esp. gwen... Obviously my fave look for her was the ROS era. So I used to have my hair pink with variations of platinum. Soon to be pink agian after I birth my bebe... I love and I think it looks damn good on me! lol... Havin a whole fam of pro stylists doesnt hurt! lol So i look foward to chattin' in this place! =)
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